Software Client Support

Haemonetics is dedicated to providing the best client support in the industry. Our experienced client support team understands that mission-critical systems depend on reliable, knowledgeable, and timely responses to their software issues. With extensive plasma, blood bank, and laboratory experience, as well as a deep understanding of the blood management industry, our client support team is qualified to address your software needs.

Dedicated to engaging, responding, and exceeding your expectations

Our client support goal is to consistently exceed your expectations through our Service 360® philosophy of reliability, proficiency, accessibility, empathy, responsiveness, and ethical principles.

Our Service 360 Philosophy 

Service 360 logo

Every Team 360 member takes responsibility for exemplifying, supporting, and advancing the principles of the Haemonetics Service 360 brand, quality policy, and global focus.

Client Support
Our client support team provides you with access to:

  • A toll-free number for on-call application support*
  • Professional medical technologists and specialists in blood banking support
  • Global time-zone coverage
  • Optional extended services
  • Immediate first-level technical services support
  • Complaint handling performed in accordance with our strict quality management system standards
  • Product use and functionality support
  • Enhancement reporting recorded in accordance with our strict quality management system standards
  • Service request handling
  • Client feedback reviews

Software Service and Maintenance Contract
When you invest in a software service and maintenance contract with us, you receive:

  • Access to new software versions when the releases are available
  • Scheduled software enhancements
  • A toll-free support line including call tracking
  • Application support including complaint handling and enhancement reporting
  • Product safety advisories and technical bulletins
  • Access to support web sites*
  • Optional extended services*

*Available to North America customers only.